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Junk/Car Removal Services

No Limit Towing Cash for Cars

24 Hour Towing

No Limit Towing Cash for Cars offers a variety of services to help you with your automotive moving and Junk Car Removal needs. We can move your car safely to a repair garage or a body shop if you need to have work done on it to get it back into its normal working condition.

We use a damage-free lift system that will protect your vehicle from the hazards that can occur with less stable types of tow systems. Our drivers are all experts at their jobs, working quickly and proficiently to load, secure and drive your car to its next destination.

If you want to move a non-working car from one location to another, we can accomplish that quickly and easily as well. In our Cash for Cars program, we provide this service free, as a part of the program.

Our drivers will treat you right, in a calm and courteous manner. We respond quickly to every tow call no matter what time or day. We can move your vehicle within 24 hours of your call. Our family owned and operated business serves Memphis TN and the Tri-State area. Call us with all your tow service requests.

We provide the following services:

  • Local Towing Service
  • Long Distance Towing Service
  • Junk Car Removal
  • Cash for Cars Program

  • Based in Memphis, TN
  • Serves Tri-State Area
  • Round-the-Clock Towing Service
  • Donate Junk Cars

Cash For Cars

Our Cash for Cars Program gives you an avenue for turning a liability into an asset. The Program offers a tow-away service for those old or broken-down cars you no longer want. Your car may have been in a severe accident. It may be totally rusted out from exposure to harsh weather conditions. It may have simply broken down after decades of heavy use.

No matter what the reason for your loss, you can turn it into a gain through our Cash for Cars Program. Even going beyond Junk Car Removal, No Limit Towing Cash for Cars will pay you a reasonable price for the car.

Our Program gives you money in your pocket and a free parking space at your residence or place of business. We have designed this service to please our customers, and the response has been overwhelming.

Junk Car Removal

Junk Car Removal is a specialty at our Memphis-based No Limit Towing Cash for Cars Service. You may want to clean up your drive or neighborhood by ridding it of old vehicles that have accumulated there over the years. On the other hand, there might be just one particular car, left behind with no hope of moving it any other way. Junk Car Removal may be your number one priority in cleaning up your environment, and we can certainly help.

With our Junk Car Removal Service, it does not matter whether the car is running or not, we will pick it up at your request. We will even pay you top dollar if you choose to turn it in for the Cash for Cars Program. You do not even have to pay us for our time in this situation. There is no better way to get rid of unwanted vehicles in the Memphis TN and Tri-State area.

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